Constructed in 1972, Seabury has reached the stage of its life where it requires significant reinvestment to continue to serve its target population and the community. This property is located in a walkable community that has wide range of amenities and is located directly adjacent to the Yale Campus and a thriving area which has seen significant investment in recent years. It is part of a neighborhood with many employment opportunities, services, transportation, and cultural offerings. It is also an area with steeply escalating rents and a severely limited supply of affordable housing. This preservation project consists of the renovation of two structures (high rise and low rise) with a scope of work that will include improvements to each apartment, new roofs, accessibility improvements, relocation of management office and community room, deck repairs, and energy improvements including new low flow fixtures, lighting upgrades, unit improvements, air sealing, and a roof-top energy recovery ventilation system.

Seabury Cooperative Housing, Inc.