Redevelopment of Hartford-owned Arrowhead Cafe block near Dunkin’ Donuts Park getting bigger. See what other buildings are now part of the $17.5 million project

The redevelopment of a long-blighted corner northwest of Dunkin’ Donuts Park — seen as part of a critical but broken link between downtown Hartford and the city’s North End — is expanding in scope to include two neighboring historic buildings.

By: Kenneth R. Gosselin, Hartford Courant


To end ‘discriminatory and segregating policies’, Civil rights group pushes zoning change in Woodbridge

Even though the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968, housing discrimination still exists. An example of this is towns using zoning laws to ensure not to allow higher density and affordable housing in their towns. In Woodbridge, Connecticut, residents, and advocacy groups have had enough of the discriminatory practice and demand new zoning laws.  

By Luther Turmelle, The New Haven Register